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Why choose Sydney?

We aim to develop the skills, knowledge and values you need to become a leader in a rapidly changing world

See why the University of Sydney is the most innovating and exciting place to study.

Degrees designed for you铁法佳康百有限公司

Our flexible undergraduate degree structures means you can find the right study path for you. You can choose majors and minors outside your primary degree, work on real-world projects, undertake an international experience, access advanced coursework or boost your personal development through online workshops. For postgraduate students, our credit transfer and full time, part time or online options means you can fit study around your life.

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Over 250 global destinations抚州德弘厚服务有限公司

We have the largest student mobility program in Australia. We've partnered with more than 250 universities in more than 40 countries so you can combine study and travel and set yourself up for a global career. 

One of the world's top research universities淮北昌顺皇商贸有限公司

Whether you’re beginning your journey as an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, you'll be exposed to leaders in their fields who work across disciplines to address major social challenges.

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Vibrant campus life铁法合巨新有限公司

With over 200 clubs and societies, including 26 cultural groups, there's something for everyone.

Enjoy your time on campus with our central location, beautiful grounds, 11 library spaces, cafes, wireless internet and high-end laboratory spaces.

One of the world's best cities银川干大盈服务有限公司

Our main campus is located in the heart of one of the most popular cities in the world. Sydney is home to beautiful golden beaches, world-class museums, delicious fresh food and a calendar of exciting events and festivals.

*QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020, QS World University Rankings 2020

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